Awakening Foster Kelly

If -- and I do mean if -- it is possible to inscribe a single piece of writing with the eminent branding of "Favorite", then "Awakening Foster Kelly" would hold that prestige. Though I have yet to experience this life altering phenomenon firsthand, I would suspect for a mother of multiple children, an untouchable, and maybe even inexplicable, connection exists in the relationship with the very first child. Make no mistake, I believe a mother's love is equal for all of her brethren, but as everyone knows... you can only have one first. 
The first signs of acquaintanceship; flutters and gurglings of life moving within you. The first sonogram; a glimpse at the seamonkey-ish creature, indisputably gorgeous and donning your nose. And the first moments after birth; exhausted and elated, holding your warm child in your arms and feeling certain that, for as long as you live, no moment will ever compare to the wholeness of this one. Mother and child, introduced, bonded, and for all eternity, inseparable.
For me, this is how I am best able to express the way I feel about Foster. She is my first. I dreamed her, carried her, and delivered her; all the way from conception to birth. And just as a baby occasionally endures jaundice or eczema, Foster too bears unsightly blemishes of many kinds.
It doesn't matter; for to me… she is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Lol, your analogy is great and I LOVE this cover pic!! Look forward to hearing more about it!

Cara R. Olsen said...

Thanks, Morgan! Reading back over this a couple days later, I was slightly abashed. Lol. I do actually feel that way, but sheesh, intense much?? Hopefully no actual mothers are affronted by the comparison. :0)

Oh! My husband designed the book cover. He's infinitely more talented than I am, though he magnanimously pretends not to notice. Ha!