Friday, May 20, 2011

Color Spinning

Color Spinning

Asylum white.
Cholera gray.
Hitler black.
Mutinous achromatic thieves, banding together to steal My color.
He won’t let you.
Razor teeth scrape the blush from My sky.
Glue brooms sweep the emerald from My grass.
Albino ghosts feed from My exquisite rose.
You're smiling now…
because you believe you’ve won.
First kiss magenta
Belly laugh yellow
Happy tears violet
Vivacious kaleidoscopic romantics, dancing Me into mystic topaz.
He is color spinning.
Rambunctious snow cones melt into My cheeks
Hope’s faithful jealousy spills inside My eyes.
Unpredictable autumn leaves streak My hair.
You're angry now…
because you know you’ve lost.
Pillage this world, turn pigment to bleak.
But Me...I dance,
with the One who is color spinning.